Campaign Introduction

Once, long ago, elves, humans, and Gnomes lived side-by-side in the idyllic paradise of the Broadreach Forest. As so often happens in the sad world of Telduria however, violence marred the forest’s beauty and war disrupted its peace. Brought to bay and defeated, the Titaness Mormo was torn asunder; her flesh and blood rained down upon the Broadreach, transforming it into the place of horror known today as the Mourning Marshes. Darkness fell upon this land as the titanspawn spread throughout the wood, seeking the sundered pieces of the fallen Serpent Queen. Hags, ratmen, asaatthi, gorgons, and other even more terrifying creatures lurk in the Mourning marshes shadows alongside beasts twisted and transformed by Mormo’s touch such as the Mourning unicorns.

Yet all is not lost in the Mourning Marshes, for a tiny flame of hope now flickers. After over a century of dormancy, merged with their beloved forest, the elves have returned, bringing with them the possibility of restoration and redemption.

For many years there has been peace in the lands of the Lord of Westcrown. The fertile plain of the River Bloodwash has yielded bountifully, commerce has prospered, and the rule of the successive Lords of Westcrown has been generally wise and just. But of late, disturbing reports of highway robbery have reached the palace at Darnagal, the major city of Westcrown. According to the tales of whimpering merchants, the southlands are being overrun by a band of vicious brigands. Already there has been a complete halt to the rich trade caravans to and from Westcrown’s southern neighbors. Three weeks ago the Lord of Westcrown sent a squad of 30 fighting men to the affected area near the small village of Waycombe. So far there has been no report, no message, and no rider – not even a rumor of their fate. Suddenly gravely concerned, the Duke has called for a special group of volunteers to go to the Waycombe area, discover the fate of the first expedition, investigate the reports of highway robbery, and if possible put an end to this trouble. Those who answer his call can expect danger, but also great reward, for the count is known as a generous man who rewards his loyal subjects well.

This, then, comprises the world that your characters will experience when they visit the Mourning Marshes. Bold adventurers can influence this fearsome struggle for good or ill. Who will enter the Green Depths and return?

Campaign: Environmental Impact
Style of Play: Exploration/ Location Campaign (Mourning Marshes)
Starting Character Level: 1-2
Campaign Restrictions: Any Race or Class (Primal classes are helpful)
Suggested Resources: Preferred skills Perception/Nature/History/Religion

Environmental Impact

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