The Overlord, the slaver, the great general

God of War, Tyranny, Domination, Conquest, Avarice, pain

Domains: Tyranny, Strength, war
Alignment: Evil

No one doubts the contributions of Chardun in freeing the world from the Titans, but many people’s love for him ends there. Chardun is the tyrant among the gods. The barbarisms inflicted by Mormo and Gormoth, Chardun’s parents, were callous and brutal, but Chardun has mastered a cruelty far more calculated than the primal abuse of his ancestors. His mortal servants emulate their god through their military ambitions and domination of the weak. Despotic generals, iron-handed monarchs, disciplined mercenaries, and slave-dealing merchants venerate the Overlord. Those who exhort obedience rather than earn it and those enslave their country-men, lovers, and enemies alike are the fiends dearest to Chardun’s black heart. Chardun’s aspect, the conquering hero, appears dressed in white regalia, his sandal-laced feet splattered with blood and dusted with powdered bone. He wields a golden, mace-like scepter stained crimson with the fresh blood of the meek.

Chardun’s priests follow these tenets

  • Strive ceaselessly to dominate your environment.
  • Be merciless in the execution of your duties, and show no pity to the weak.
  • Respect tradition and authority.


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